The Texas Bohemian

Hello from Texas.  First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read my post. I appreciate you and I can’t wait to get to know you and learn together.

I started my original blog Welcome to Rosewood about 4 years ago and changed my blogging platform from Blogger to WordPress, changed my blog name and pretty much changed everything I was doing to be congruent with who I am and what I love, what I am passionate about and what I hope to teach people. Only in the past year have I really put my time into my blog, website and branding my business. And, I have decided to make it my life’s work. I love to write and inspire people. It fulfills me. 70+ posts later, I realize that I have not properly introduced myself  in a personal way on my blog. I don’t usually write about my daily life and all the details of my life because I prefer to write about life in general and things that we all deal with as humans. So In this post I am going to lay it all out. This is me. This is what shaped me.  I haven’t allowed myself to become vulnerable by exposing who I am and why I am here. So here I am and this is who I am and why I am here. . . Welcome!self portrait | The Texas Bohemian

I prefer to post about food and nature and write about life lessons, philosophical topics and personal development. However, I realize in order to have a successful blog/website and to truly be able to connect with other people, I have to let my guard down and simply allow myself to be vulnerable in order to grow. I am not a shy person and there is nothing that I won’t talk about with people. I am an open book. I believe in speaking the truth, always, no matter what and I have nothing to hide. I am however an introvert and enjoy spending my time alone, thinking, reflecting and growing. I do struggle with the thought of, “who is going to care what I am doing and what I have to say”? But, the truth is, I write for me. It is an outlet for me to express my feelings and deep thoughts. I spend a large majority of my time in deep thought, pondering life and society, why people do what they do, why we are the way we are, God, sadness, happiness, EVERYTHING.
It truly helps me to get it out of my head and share what comes into this restless mind of mine. Through my blog, I only hope that I can influence and help others in a positive way, in any way.

So here goes

The short version

My name is Stacee. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Tx.
I love God. My faith runs deep and will never waiver. My faith is what gets me through
but, I believe that every one has the right to believe and worship how they choose.
I believe that as long as you do not harm others, you should be able to live
however you want. (your choices. your consequences) I believe in freedom and have a wild spirit and a gypsy soul. 

I’m the baby. I have two older sisters. (tiny. little. older sisters). I am the one on the far right in case you can’t tell.

Sisters | The Texas BohemianI’m the mother of two amazing smart and kind boys and wife to one handsome Texas Man (US Veteran).

My handsome boy, Logan | The Texas Bohemian

My sweet handsome boys | The Texas Bohemian

Brotherly Love | The Texas Bohemian

Brotherly Love | The Texas Bohemian

I’m a food lover. Cooking and Baking are my first passions and the one thing that brings me peace when my world seems chaotic. I love hosting and cooking for people. Feeding people and making them feel good, makes me feel good. I love all animals. Even the ones that would eat me. I’m a nature lover and really enjoy natural living and all it entels. I prefer to do and make everything from scratch as opposed to buying from a store. I think things have gotten a little out of hand with all the human consumption and consuming of man-made, store bought goods. That is going to come back and bite us in the ass one day. Sooner than we think. I make my own natural skincare products and love to learn about herbs and flowers. Being a Summer baby, born in south central Texas, I love the heat and the sunshine. I need to be outdoors and in the wild, away from man and city. I need to be surrounded by green and color. Trees and a warm breeze. It keeps me grounded. I don’t think I could ever live somewhere that was cold. It makes my bones hurt just thinking about it. I don’t think I could ever work in an office EVER again either. I need to be outside or at least have the option to go out whenever I so choose. I am passionate about Food and Nature photography. Since I cook and garden so much, I get to take some awesome photos of beautiful things that I love, that I made or that I grew. 
I Love life and my freedom. Music is a huge part of my life. I love to travel, meet new people and experience new things. My first dream job as a kid was to be a marine biologist and I have always had a deep romantic fascination for the ocean and marine life. It’s beautiful and full of life. I like to think my spirit animal is a mix of the dolphin and lion. Yeah, I know that would look funny but I mean character-trait-wise. Wild and Fierce.
I like being unapologetically me and not feeling bad about it. I am a lover and a fighter. I am passionate and compassionate. I am hard and soft. I am simple and complex. I think too much and I love too hard. When I am happy, everyone around me is happy. When I am not happy, I tuck myself away and work on me. No one wants to be around me when I’m in one of those moods and I wouldn’t want them to be.

The full version

I was born July 29, 1985 in San Antonio, Tx. My parents divorced when I was 4. Both my parents remarried shortly after. I was raised by my mother and step-father, seeing my Dad every other weekend. I grew up in and around San Antonio with my two sisters and a step-brother and a step-sister. We always had animals. We spent a lot of time camping and being outdoors. I led a pretty normal and typical American life with nothing tragic or significant to report on.

Except, when I was 16 I got Crohns disease and that was tough being so young. I was already working at Starbucks when I had to pay for my first colonoscopy at 17. I had my own insurance. I was sick and on lots of different horrible prescription meds, steroids and infusions until I was 20 when I got pregnant with my first son Logan. That changed everything for me. Through a whole life shift, healthier eating and natural living I was able to change the course of this disease that has affected so many. I don’t ever talk about it because it doesn’t define me and it is just something that happens. I have been in remission for over a decade now and I plan to write a post specifically about living with Crohns disease, so I won’t go into great detail here.

I graduated when I was 16. I disliked school very much. It wasn’t the academics that I disliked. I made pretty good grades. It was really the other people who bothered me the most. Kids can be real assholes. Nobody was mean to me because I don’t allow that shit. It was hard however to watch other kids get picked on and I was always the one to take up for those that didn’t have the courage to stand up for themselves. I doubled up on my classes my junior year and got the hell out of there. Hearing about so many kids getting bullied and committing suicide just breaks my heart and I know this is something that needs to be addressed. It’s absolutely crazy but, again that is for another post and another time.

I started working right away at 16 and have had MANY jobs ever since. I’m not a good employee, I will say that. I am a good entrepreneur/leader. My first job was at the Ultimate Cheesacake Bakery for a brief time, other jobs include an animal hospital tech, petland, Starbuck for 3 years (one of my longest and favorite) JOBS, I worked for a dayspa, a cardiologist, a furniture store, a church (worked there for three years), a general contractor, a home and garden show company and probably others that weren’t worth remembering. Most of the jobs that I held were customer service or administration/receptionist positions. I have done so many MLM (multi level marketing) jobs from selling Avon to selling jewelry, as well as online network marketing. I have done a little bit of everything and I have learned a lot. I learned something from every job that I have had. The biggest lesson that I have learned is that working for someone else at a typical 9-5 is NOT for me. I don’t just fall in line and do what I am told because It is what I am supposed to do. I question authority. I speak my mind. I don’t let people take advantage of me. I believe in fairness and equality. That doesn’t happen often. I don’t mind following as long as I have a good leader to follow and that just never happened in the jobs I had. Employers hate employees like me. I knew I had to do something different very early on. I am a creative, independent, take-charge kind of gal and I have always known that the typical American way of working your life away just to survive, never have time when you do have money, and never have money when you have the time, kind of living was not for me.
I always knew I wanted to do what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I always knew that whatever I did in this life that I needed to be passionate about it and I needed to feel like I was making a difference. This is where that wild passionate spirit comes in. I follow my heart and have faith that God will always provide a way for me and He does without fail. Gotta have Faith.

I got married when I was 20 (the first time) in Las Vegas to my ex-husband who is still active duty air force and we had our son Logan. We were only married for three years and divorced. I think that tends to happen when you rush into getting married at such a young age and before you truly get to spread your wings and fly. I learned a great deal from that time in my life. It was one of the hardest things that I have ever been through but I had to go through it to be the person I am today. I learned to be more independent and It made me stronger and It helped me to build some important boundaries in my life.

About a year later I met my, now husband online while he was in Iraq. Yes, another military man. I am from military city USA. It was bound to happen that I would fall in love with military men.

My handsome Husband | The Texas Bohemian

I also think it’s something about a man in uniform fighting for you freedom that really makes a girl love struck. Being married military can be a hard life for both spouses. My husband and I dated for 5 years, both living in different countries, traveling back and forth. I was here in Texas and he was in Germany or deployed in some remote country but, it was good for us.

Love is in the air | The Texas Bohemian

We had no choice but to get to know each other and decide whether we wanted to stay committed or not. It was really hard a lot of the time but, luckily I don’t mind being alone and I had my son Logan to take care of and take my time. Plus loyalty is one of my strengths. After three years of back and forth, he finally got out of the military and came home. We had our son Jaxon in 2013 and then we got married in Luckenbach, Tx last year (2015) on memorial day weekend in the worst storm/flood our state has seen in a while.

Wedding day, Luckenbach, TX | The Texas Bohemian

It was wild, it was crazy, there were chairs and tables floating down the creek and we got married on the balcony of the Luckenbach Lodge in the rain. It was a wedding I will never forget. I kept bitching to God that I was so nervous to walk down the aisle (why I eloped to Vegas the first time) and God heard me loud and clear. He washed out my wedding, more than half the guests couldn’t make it out in the flood waters and I didn’t have to walk down a long aisle of people staring at me. I totally believe that everything happens for a reason. Now here we are. We have been together almost 6 years and married for almost one of them.

I love to learn and grow. I read everyday and try to be a better person than I was yesterday. I love helping and teaching people. I guess you could say that I have a bohemian soul, which is where the name The Texas Bohemian came from. I am a very passionate person (you’ll hear me use the words passion A LOT) with fire and fight built into my bones. I am passionate about being a better person. Making the world better and doing my part to preserve it. I stand up for what I believe in no matter who likes it or not. I have never been good at keeping my mouth shut and I am very opinionated.  Now that I am thirty, I can see the benefit of thinking before I speak and not always having to be right or have the last word and knowing when my opinions really don’t matter. However, that does not change the fiery passion that is constantly brewing inside of me. I like to help people find what they are passionate about and learn to build a business and make a living from it.

I grew up in the Texas hill country. My great-grandmother owned a 600+ acre ranch in Llano, Tx.

Granny's Ranch, Llano,Tx | The Texas Bohemian

Dying last year at the age of 102, her ranch was left to my grandmother and she is in the process of fixing it up again. I grew up playing in the granite hills that surrounded her house. Swimming in the creek butt-naked and chasing the cows around. That is where my heart is and one of the things I experienced that shaped me to be the wild spirit that I am. My great-grandmother was an amazing gardener and grew the most amazing roses and flowers. My grandmother and my mother are all gardeners too and I guess that is where I get it from.

A lot went into shaping me to be the person I am today and I wouldn’t change any of it. In my thirty years I have grown so much and I know that I have so much more growing to do. I believe that we all have the right to be free to be who we want to be and I like to encourage people to be themselves and to grow from their mistakes, not to be a victim and to take total ownership of who they are and most importantly to love themselves. Who else is more important to love than yourself. You cannot put that kind of responsibility on someone else. Self worth and love is an inside job.

I am very grateful that I was born in a time and in a country that has allowed me to be who I am without the consequences of being killed for it. I know that sounds crazy but, there are humans out there that simply do not have this freedom and I want to change that. This world is so much bigger than ourselves and we are here to help each other, not harm each other. There are so many people out in this world that are less fortunate than we are and a day should not go by that you don’t remember that. I am raising two boys to be men one day and the men they turn out to be start right now with me. I remind my older one more than he would like how blessed we all are and how much we have compared to others. I think he understands and is already one of the most compassionate young men I know.  

We have come a long way in this world but, we still have so far to go. That is why I am here. I am here to change that by doing my part. Freedom isn’t free. We have to fight for it. My goal and mission with this blog is to help others be the best person they can be. We all have a personal responsibility in this world and the first is to work on ourselves. Imagine if we all took personal responsibility for ourselves, we constantly worked on being better, we treated people equally with compassion and love, we put others first and we all were the best we could be. Just imagine a world like that. Change is possible but, it starts with you. It starts with ourselves. If you are not evolving and growing then you really aren’t living. You are stagnant. You are not offering anything to the world. I want to change the world and I am starting with me.

Again, thank you for reading my post and visiting my website. I would love to get to know you better too. Feel free to email me here with any questions you may have or leave me a comment and tell me about yourself. We are all in this together. Blessings to all. (Peace & Love) Humans!

Stacee Massey | The Texas Bohemian