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Just a little mood music to set the tone in the garden.

Groovy Vibes – Monday Morning Vibrations in the garden

I have been regularly gardening for the past three years. I dabbled before and often killed my poor plants. It wasn’t until the past three years that I have really learned how much I love gardening and how much I look forward to it. I am far from being an expert, but I learn something new everyday and I really enjoy educating myself in nature and botany.

We usually have great weather most of the year here in San Antonio, Tx but, it does get pretty hot in the Summer. The plants seem to still thrive even in the hottest months. That’s one of my favorite things about gardening in Texas. 

Luckily, it is only Spring and we are about to get rain for a week. I think my little garden is about to explode after these April showers come through. This is such an amazing time of year for me. I always feel so peaceful and fulfilled when I’m outside all day, planting in the garden, tending to my seedlings, Jax playing in his sandbox and the dogs lounging in the cool grass under the shade of the trees. I love colorful flowers, so there are beautiful vibrant flowers and herbs blossoming all over the yard. It is simply magical and it makes me happy and content. 

Our duck friends

The locals

I could hear the chatter and quacking from inside the house. But, I knew if I came storming out of the house with my camera in hand that they would immediately fly.
They always come right back anyway. I tried to be quiet.

I guess it is the sycamore trees that brings them back. They have been coming here for so long. I always wondered why do they come to our house. They don’t go to anyone else’s on my block.
We noticed that they are always sitting in the little basin at the top of one of the trees. So one day we got a ladder and climbed up the tree. When we got to the top we noticed there was a hole right in the center of the tree and down inside were two toddler ducks. Maybe they were all born in this tree? They all come back to the same place like sea turtles. Idk. But, I love that we get to be part of it. I love that they feel safe here.
It’s the little things you notice when you stop to see the world around you. It’s amazing what you find.


Meyer Orange Lemon Seed | The Texas Bohemian

This is an Orange Meyer Lemon seed. It is going to be a tree someday. I grabbed these amazing lemons from the local produce store last year and saved a few of the seeds. So this Spring we tried to germinate some and one day the baggie I had them in disappeared. I haven’t seen it in over a month. Today I found it lying behind the grill, but still in the sun. Out of four seeds this is the only one that sprouted. I can’t believe any of them did. It just goes to show you that life wants to thrive. Life will flourish in even the most unlikely or ideal situations when given just a little sun and warmth. A true blessing. I’m happy.

This is what the Orange Meyer lemons looks like

Orange Meyer Lemon | The Texas Bohemian

Orange Meyer Lemon | The Texas Bohemian

Ashes to Ashes | The Texas Bohemian

Backyard Fire | The Texas Bohemian

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
I don’t mind smelling like fire at all. I like the symbolism of burning nature after it has lived, flourished and died. It turns to embers and ash, rises up and falls back down all over the earth and new plants to start the cycle over again. Nature is magical that way.

Lovelies Lilies for Mom | The Texas Bohemian

The most beautiful tulips for my beautiful mother. Her birthday was on April Fools Day and my Grandma and I  surprised her at work with flowers, cards and banana pudding from scratch. I almost don’t want to let these little ladies go but, who better to give them to than mom. They are gorgeous. At least she can plant these and they will last. I love giving live flowers. Happy birthday, Mother.

Pretty Purple Petunias | The Texas Bohemian

Pretty purple Petunias brightening up my porch. The sun finally came out.


Pink Hibiscus | The Texas BohemianPink Hibiscus | The Texas BohemianPink Hibiscus | The Texas BohemianPink Hibiscus | The Texas Bohemian

Beautiful things don’t need attention. Which is what makes them so beautiful. This is our newest hibiscus. Isn’t she gorgeous? The detail and vibrant pink color are absolutely stunning. My girl Bailey seems to like her a lot too.

Growing Grapes | The Texas Bohemian

Growing Grapes | The Texas Bohemian

Growing Grapes. This should be fun. I have this longing for traveling to Italy and drinking wine in the countryside amongst the hillside vineyards. I am happy to just eat these grapes or even make some yummy jams and jellies. But, wine. Wine would be the ultimate reward for growing amazing grapes. But, first I need to learn how to grow them. Any advice?

I have watched all the wine documentaries on Netflix and they all made me happy. Check them out of you haven’t yet ( Somm, A year in Burgundy, A year in Champagne). I feel the desire to travel to Italy and/or France more now than ever. I learned a lot just from watching the films. I know that grapes do well in rocky soil and that their roots need to struggle. I learned that these people have a passion for growing grapes and making wine that is infectious. I love to hear these growers talk about how much they love their vines and their wines. So much passion that I can relate to. Some growers are drinking wines they pulled out of the family cellars that their grandfather had made 40, 50 years ago. That is an awesome legacy to leave. I find the culture inspiring and enriching. I want in . . . First, get these babies growing.


Coral Hibiscus | The Texas BohemianOrange Hibiscus | The Texas Bohemian

Orange Hibiscus | The Texas Bohemian

Orange Hibiscus | The Texas BohemianOrange Hibiscus | The Texas BohemianOrange Hibiscus | The Texas BohemianOrange Hibiscus | The Texas Bohemian

Red Hibiscus | The Texas Bohemian

One of my favorite flowers is a Hibiscus. I love these tropical flowers. They come in so many sizes and colors. They never seem to disappoint. As I am sure you can see why. The hibiscus has always been fairly easy for me to grow. They just seem to like it around my house.

Pink Geranium | The Texas Bohemian

The very first bloom on our geranium. We’ve had her for a year now and she never had any blooms. I wasn’t sure if she would. But, this precious little pink Angel popped up with this wonderful rain we’ve been having. I couldn’t get her to stop blowing in the breeze long enough to get a still shot. This makes me so happy.

Pink Geranium | The Texas Bohemian

There are so many species of this medicinal plant but, not all are meant to be used as medicine. The geranium oil is used to treat acne, sore throat, anxiety, depression, and insomnia just to name a few. The closest variety I could find to mine on Google was the (pelargonium graveolens) it says this kind is uncommon and is also known as the rose geranium. It actually smells like OFF bug spray to me. I wonder . . .
They sure are beautiful though.

Baby Blueberries | The Texas Bohemian

Looks like we are getting our first blueberry – that isn’t quite yet blue.
And also spider webs everywhere from the refuge-seeking spiders. We’ve been blessed with much rain lately.

Baby Blueberries | The Texas BohemianBaby Blueberries | The Texas Bohemian

We have tons of little blueberries all over our bush now. I have been watching youtube videos and reading a lot about how to successfully grow blueberries. They take a little more work than some other plants and are a little more picky but, overall it doesn’t seem like they are having a problem so far. I have lots to learn.


 Our first strawberry🍓

Wild Plant | The Texas Bohemian

Wild Plant | The Texas Bohemian

Wild Plant | The Texas Bohemian

Wild Plant | The Texas Bohemian

Wild Plant | The Texas Bohemian

Mystery Plants. Okay, so we aren’t entirely sure what this is. I have a very strong feeling that these are either cantaloupe or pumpkins. Only because we threw both of these into our compost and well, it didn’t get turned as much as it should have and we started getting some growth. Now it looks like this and it even has to curlys like on cantaloupe and pumpkin plants. Either way, we will find out. And, I still think they are really pretty. If they start getting out of hand. We’re gonna have to take em out. Lets hope it doesn’t come to that.


Meyer Lemon Tree | The Texas Bohemian

Meyer Lemon Tree | The Texas BohemianMeyer Lemon Tree | The Texas Bohemian

Meyer Lemon Tree | The Texas BohemianMeyer Lemon Tree | The Texas Bohemian

Meyer Lemon Tree | The Texas BohemianMeyer Lemon Tree | The Texas Bohemian

Our Meyer Lemon Tree is going crazy since we put her in the ground after babying her in a pot for the past year. I counted over 45 baby lemons on this plant. I am in love. I can’t wait to see these babies grow. I love lemons. I use them in a lot of things from food to skin and hair care. If my blueberries are successful too then these will make for a great combination in my kitchen. I am like a kid in a candy store. I go out every day and check to see how much bigger they got over night. They are plumping up quickly.English Lavender | The Texas Bohemian English Lavender | The Texas Bohemian English Lavender | The Texas Bohemian

English Lavender Is starting to get buds againSpanish Lavender | The Texas Bohemian

Spanish Lavender | The Texas Bohemian

Spanish Lavender is making friends. I was adoring this little bug on my lavender and taking pictures of it like it was a lady bug. I was doing some garden research and was looking into which bugs are good for the garden and which are bad. I found out that this is indeed NOT a pretty little ladybug but, a bad bug for my garden. So while I was all googly-eyed over this bug it was eating and poisoning my lavender. This bug is actually a Spotted Cucumber Beetle. I’ll have to write more about this in another post. Good things to know though. Here is a quick reference chart for good bugs and bad bugs in the garden.


My neighbor John's backyard | The Texas Bohemian

Just a random photo of my neighbor’s backyard. I have to give John props for always keeping his yard looking immaculate.Lantana | The Texas Bohemian Lantana | The Texas BohemianLantana | The Texas Bohemian

Lovely Lantana


In the Garden


We are getting bell peppers. We got a jalapeno too.PicsArt_04-09-09.10.54 PicsArt_04-09-09.11.04

Marigolds to keep out the bad bugsPicsArt_04-09-09.11.13 PicsArt_04-09-09.11.34

Gorgeous Romaine Lettuce that is doing surprisingly and exceptionally well. I am super excited about the lettuce. I hope my tomatoes turn out better this year than they did last year. I have them surrounded with basil and marigolds. Coral Roses (Martha Jo) | The Texas Bohemian Coral Roses (Martha Jo) | The Texas Bohemian Coral Roses (Martha Jo) | The Texas Bohemian

My roses are doing well as usual. If you have read some of my previous gardening posts, you know that I name my flowers after my favorite old people. She is named Martha Jo after my great-grandmother who was an amazing gardener and who also recently passed away last year. This one always has insanely vibrant coral colored roses. I love her.IMG_20160410_093714My first Mandevilla

A quick video of my girls enjoying a relaxing swing on the hammock with me. If it isn’t for the kids then it’s the dogs that are on top of me. I can’t even swing alone without these two bitches hopping on. I still love them.

Bailey and Ziggy | The Texas Bohemian Ziggy | The Texas Bohemian Bailey and Ziggy | The Texas Bohemian

Bailey and Ziggy say ” have an awesome day”.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying these pictures of our beautiful flowers and plants. Get outside. Get in the garden and get dirty. If you weren’t born with a green thumb, like me, that doesn’t mean that you can learn and get really good at it. If you have any suggestions or gardening ideas that you think could be helpful, please leave a comment. I love learning and I know gardening is a life long learning process. So I will take all the knowledge I can get.

Happy Gardening and Happy Spring Friends


Stacee | The Texas BohemianTHE TEXAS BOHEMIAN


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