We got some rain and delicious farm fresh eggs

As usual it has been a hot Texas Summer and it hasn’t rained much in a while. We kicked off Summer with a record-breaking flood and then barely a few showers since then. Well today it finally rained. The sky got very dark, the wind picked up and we got about a 15 minute heavy rain shower. Not as long as I would like but, I can’t complain. Any rain is good rain and we need all we can get. We are going into hurricane season, so I have a feeling more rain is on its way in the coming month. I can’t believe Summer is already almost over.

We try to get outside everyday and connect with nature.

Learning with DaddyJax and Daddy looking at frogs. Curious little fella . . .

Going out with my boots on“I’m going out with my boots on.”

He loves his boots. He wears them with just his diaper, when he’s naked, when we go for walks. I’ll just look over and he’ll have his boots on and he even puts them on the correct feet. I love this kid. He has such a fun personality.

So, me and my little man, Jax went to the produce store as we usually do but, this time we picked up some amazing and colorful farm fresh eggs. One day I’ll have my own chicks but until then, I am glad I live close to a local small produce store. It makes me feel like I am in Europe where people actually go get fresh ingredients daily and weekly for cooking instead of the giant trips we tend to make in America full of processed foods and preservatives. I do enjoy that about other countries. Fresh and natural is always best.

farm fresh eggs

These will make for some amazing homemade ice cream, which I am writing a post and recipe for very soon. Did I say AMAZING ice cream?


I know it’s just an avocado but, it is so much more. Avocados are so good for us. They are full of healthy fats, protein, potassium, fiber and lots of vitamins and minerals. They are good for the heart, the brain, the eyes, the skin and more. Avocados are one of my favorite foods, not only because they are so good for me but also because they taste perfect in their natural state without any additives. I try to eat an avocado a day. It certainly isn’t hard to do. This is the most lovely avocado I have cut into this year. Not one brown spot and perfectly ripe. So good!!! I love them.

An apple a day

An Apple a day

I love our local produce store and how friendly all the girls are. Every time we go shopping, the girls always have a fresh juicy peach for Jax and will even go as far as cutting up apple slices for him. You just can’t get that kind of customer service at the commercial grocery store. It’s the little things like that, that make shopping local and small so worth it.

Save SeedsI started saving my seeds this Summer and I am also learning about harvesting and drying my herbs. There is so much to learn and at times it can be a little overwhelming. So I just started with a little at a time. Reading a little at a time. Growing a little at a time. For me, I have noticed that the more I practice, the better I get at it. It is truly worth the time it takes to grow foods the healthy and natural way and to live a little more simple and meaningful life. Living a sustainable life is the ultimate goal and we get a little better and a little closer everyday.