Homemade Playdough recipe

I remember playing with play-doh when I was a kid and maybe even a time or two as an adult. I loved the way the dough felt between my fingers and even the way it smelled. I have always loved anything to do with art, creating and playing with items that I can sculpt in my hands. The original play-doh brand modeling compound is composed of flour, water, salt, boric acid and mineral oil and has always been non-toxic and generally safe for kids. However, I like to save money and learn to make everything from scratch in case the apocalypse goes down, there are no more tubs of play-doh and I need something to make to keep my kids busy while we are all trying to survive in the chaotic world that is an apocalypse. You get the picture.
So I went in search for some easy and safe recipes to make at home for my little ones. I usually check out Pinterest and Youtube first. I watched a lot of videos of people making there own playdough, but I only found one recipe and video tutorial that was actually simple and easy to make. All of the other recipes and videos were more complicated than they really had to be.
I followed the video and recipe from BeforeAndAfterTv on Youtube and I really liked how simple she made it. I watched a few other videos for comparison purposes and I was surprised at how difficult and messy some of them were. So, check it out for yourself and see If you can find one as easy as this. Depending on which ingredients you have at home, will depend on what kind you can make. I like that I can make this all in less than 20 minutes and choose which colors I want and store them in little baggies until my munchkins can use them. I also like that I know exactly what is in my playdough and I don’t have to worry about my kids eating any boric acid or mineral oil, even though they would probably be just fine if they did. None-the-less, it is gratifying to make things with your own two hands for your children instead of going out and buying it.
I am very happy with the way these little balls of doughy fun came out and my youngest had a grand time playing with them. We spent an hour playing with the playdough and making fun shapes and throwing the balls of dough. The fact that my 18 months old sat long enough to do anything for an hour is unheard of. So I give myself a pat on the back for effort.
I used about half the dough in each color and sealed up the rest and stuck them in the fridge til next time. I just grabbed some old cookie cutters, a rolling pin, a non-stick rolling mat and some other odds and ends that would be fun to play with and we went to town. He absolutely loved it.
Even Mommy had fun making some cute little heart shaped creations. As much as I love to bake and play with actual dough, how could I not love playing with this. Too bad I couldn’t bake them and then eat them. They actually look real yummy!
Check out this link for the video tutorial on how to make this fun non-toxic playdough and give it a try. Your kids will be forever grateful and you will have some extra time to whatever it is that Mommy/Daddy needs to do while the kids are having fun using their minds and creating art.
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