My husband just built me a greenhouse in our backyard for less than $60. My plants have never been happier. It is so cool to see how quickly the environment inside the greenhouse changes. As soon as you walk in you feel that it is warmer and more humid. And as soon as you take your first big breath you can smell and feel how much cleaner and fresher the air is. It’s a beautiful thing.

I love to garden and grow. I especially loves growing herbs like lavender, rosemary, mint and lemon balm. Luckily, the temperatures in Texas stay fairly warmer than most states in the winter months but if a super chilly or freezing day happens to fall upon us i’ll be very grateful for the shelter and so will my plants.Greenhouse | The TexasBohemian
We don’t have plans or step by step instructions for our greenhouse but, hope it inspires others to build their own and see that you don’t have to spend a fortune on materials. We only had to buy the wood, plastic sheets and the hinges for the swinging door because we happen to already have nails, a hammer, staples, a staple gun, a skill saw and other various thing we may have needed.

This is what we bought from Home Depot

  7 – 2×2×8 @ $1.95/ea. Totaling $13.65
24 – 1x2x8 @ $0.95/ea. Totaling $22.80

2 – 10’x25′ plastic sheets in rolls for $19.95

*** We found the perfect plastic in the painter’s section in the form of plastic drop clothes. The package we found included two full rolls, each measuring 10’x25′. This was actually just perfect for our greenhouse leaving enough to even frame the door with small scraps left over.

Small 3″x2″ swinging hinge @ $2.99

Bringing the total of materials to $59.39

The measurements of the greenhouse came out 7ft wide x 8ft deep and on the shorter end it measures 4ft tall and on the tallest end measures 8ft tall. That is a good size greenhouse for a residential backyard but, after we got all of our plants moved in, we realized we have a lot of plants and could have made it a little bigger. For now it is great though.

My husband started with assembling the frame sides, then the bottom and then attached them to a base frame. Then, he added the top frame of the roof. He used a combination of 1.5″ finishing nails, screws and bolts on the frame. To help prevent splitting in these thinner pieces of wood, he pre-drilled holes before using screws and nails. Especially on the corner joints. After the frame was secure he proceeded to measure out and secure the plastic sheeting with 1/2″ – 12mm staples using a staple gun. Staple guns can be a very helpful and inexpensive tool to have when doing projects like this. He made sure to wrap the plastic underneath all the bottom wood panels of the frame to add a barrier between the wood and the ground. Since we are building this directly on the ground this will help prevent the wood from getting wet. He made a modest door with a fun aesthetically pleasing design and then secured it with hinges and a small swiveling wooden lock. Nothing fancy. Just a simple greenhouse that serves it’s purpose.

We plan to put pavers with gravel and/or moss in between them as the floor to help keep the ground from getting all muddy when we water the plants. We also plan to put a rain barrel system on the outside for easy watering with good fresh and clean water. We already have one with goldfish that we use to water anyway but, having one right outside the greenhouse will be a great investment as well. Rain barrel systems really are not that expensive or hard to put together either. All of these little inexpensive diy projects will really help us to maximize our space and get the most out of what we work hard to grow.

I’ve been wanting a greenhouse for a long time. I never wanted to pay an arm and a leg for one either. I wouldn’t have thought that making our own greenhouse would have been as inexpensive as it was or as big and beautiful or as easy to build as it was. (I’m speaking for my husband when I say easy. I only helped a little).

Below enjoy a quick little video that I made for the greenhouse experience. It was fun and it was a $60 well spent. I foresee getting a healthy return on our investment too. 

diy greenhouse  | the texas bohemian

Blessings and Happy Gardening

Stacee | The Texas Bohemian