I try not to focus on the negative or write about it. At this moment, that has changed. I am very irritated and have things to say that keep getting censored and deleted by Instagram’s new owners, (FACEBOOK). I left Facebook as a primary source of social media a few years ago for many reasons. I really enjoy using Instagram and have been using it as my primary source of social media for the past couple years. 

However, Facebook has recently bought Instagram and has already begun making big changes. Unwanted changes. I think most people were happy with Instagram the way it was and that is why it has been such a popular platform. 

Just today I have had Facebook deleteing my picture captions on Instagram. I assume it is because I was expressing my dissatisfaction towards Facebook and they don’t like that. They are trying to control what I say. The fact that they deleted the whole written part of my post makes me even more angry and now I feel that it is necessary to come to my own website to discuss this. This is a free country and as long as I am not posting nudity (which is still all over Instagram and never seems to get deleted) or anything derogatory, Facebook should have no right to delete what I wrote on my posts. Even if I wrote that ,Facebook Sucks, on Instagram. They should not be able to delete that. But, they did. They deleted Everything I wrote on the subject and now I have a problem.

Also today, Facebook wouldn’t let me respond to one of my followers comments. It was a response of gratitude to tell this person how much I appreciated what they said. Facebook wouldn’t let me post the response because they said I already posted too many similar comments and that is very incorrect. It was a completely original response. I have NEVER had this happen to me under the previous social media owners. 

Instagram is fine the way it is. I can imagine that is why so many people left fb to come to Instagram. Now Mark Zuckerberg has decided that he wants to screw with us some more and is starting to dictate what we say on Instagram. We all know how far he and his company have gone to invade out rights and privacy on Facebook and now he has his sights on Instagram. I loved Instagram. And, not once before Facebook bought Instagram has one of my post, words or comments ever been deleted in the several years I have been using it.

I feel pissed now. Normally I would just brush it off but,  how dare they try to control what I have to say. I want people to be aware of what they are doing and I don’t want to be censored. I don’t appreciate my personal words being deleted because they expose these rich shady people. Mark Zuckerberg has a real problem with trying to take from people, control people and invade people’s privacy and he always gets away with it. 

At this point I am so irritated with the situation that I felt it necessary to post on my personal website about it. I hope that more people stand up against this or even better create a social media platform that Facebook can’t buy that is just as good as Instagram. Any takers?

*when I refer to FACEBOOK, I mean Mark Zuckerberg and the company as a whole that has bought Instagram. JUST GO AWAY FB.