Do you remember what it is like to be fearless? Do you remember being that little kid that was to busy having fun to worry about being afraid? If I stop and think about it, I remember.

Jax playing | The Texas Bohemian

I love these moments where I can just watch this wonderful little human in my life. I love to watch him discover new things and figure stuff out. He is so mechanically inclined. He loves anything that has wheels on it or spins. He is a fixer and a thinker. He is also fearless and adventurous. Watching him reminds me of being that person too when I was a kid. Isn’t it crazy that a lot of us lose that fearlessness as we get older? I’m trying to reverse that. I loved being fearless and leaping before I looked. Like he does.

As we grow up and go through different experiences, we learn to fear things and to question our instincts. I want to be that kid again that doesn’t question herself. That doesn’t even think about what other people think of her. That leaps because her heart tells her too and loves life without the fear. We may get wiser about many things as we age but, kids still have so much to teach us.