My mission is to live a happy and healthy lifestyle,
and to constantly learn, grow and evolve;
while maintaining a balanced life in
mind, body & spirit.
From the environments we live in
and the information we take in,
to the foods we put in our bodies everyday,
we determine how well we feel.
The key to health & happiness is creating balance,
to be the optimal person
you can be.

I'm Stacee. Thank you for being here and giving me the opportunity to share my journey and passion for natural living with you. Through my photos and posts, I want to take you on a colorful journey through life, food & nature. My hope is to inspire you and leave you with something to think about and grow from. 

I'm a Texas girl; born and raised. I live in South Central Texas, just outside of San Antonio with my husband and our two sons. I love camping and being outdoors; in nature. I love to travel and explore, not only my home state but, also the whole world around me. Most of the time you can find me in my kitchen, where I love to cook, bake and experiment.  

Other times
you'll find me
wondering around,
driving through
the Texas hill country
taking photos of nature
and beautiful landscapes.

I am passionate about our planet and living in a way that has as little negative impact on it as possible. I believe that God has given us a gift and everything we need to survive and thrive is already available to us. It is important to live in balance and harmony with the earth and only take what we need and always give back. I am passionate about eco-friendly and sustainable living, eating really good, healthy and natural foods; cooking with really good quality ingredients; and being with good people who have a passion for life and learning. I love being in nature and incorporating natural living into everything I do. Never stop learning and growing.